Your Esty Besty

So you have somehow stumbled across my blog… Thank you for coming! Unless you already know me, you may wonder who this chick is and why does she think she can tell me about [insert topic here]. While this particular post may not be the most interesting read, there are a lot of blogs and vlogs out there, many of them with plenty of DIY tricks up their sleeve, I think it is important to make people aware that I do have the educational background and practical experience to back up the advise I provide.

First and foremost, besides being a wife and a mom of two amazing, beautiful children, I’m a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Illinois. You could say this is my third career; it was formerly not headed in the direction that I had hoped. Despite my B.S and M.B.A, I ran into some job prospect struggles, namely, I was not finding the right ones. I knew that I needed to make a change. I didn’t have to look long before I found the Esthetician career. I knew immediately it was something I could do and love. I wasn’t sure if I could make good money but I knew that it would make me happy.

In Illinois, the Esthetician training requires 750 hours of theory and practical experience. I spent approximately eight months in school, hands-on learning about the anatomy and physiology of the skin. My education also went into nutrition, muscle anatomy, ingredients, sanitation practices, among other skills. I gained lots of practice by working on fellow classmates and clients who came to the school. I honestly knew from the very first day that I had made the right decision. The happiness that I felt then hasn’t faded, and only continues to grow. I opened my own skincare studio, Harmony Aesthetics,  in July of 2016, doing primarily facials and waxing.

I started working as an eyelash extension technician in May 2016. I started by working for a studio that provided training so I do not have a technical certification, as of this date. However, I trained with that studio for about a week (which is longer than your standard lash training course provides) and got my first seven months of experience with them. Meanwhile I did a lot of research and looked to more experienced lash technicians online for guidance and knowledge in order to continue to grow as a technician. It was not until I felt very confident in my own skills that I quit that job and brought eyelash services to my own studio.

I love my work.  My business is my third, very expensive, baby.  As a result, I invest a lot of time and energy (oftentimes outside of work when I should probably be more present with my family) into being the best professional that I can.  I believe I have a moral obligation, as an Esthetician, to assist my clients in feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin.  I make every effort to keep my environment safe, comfortable, and sanitary and use some of the best products available to me (more on that later).  I hope that, if nothing else, you will find something in this blog that helps you or encourages you to take care of yourself… for you.

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