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Is it normal? A guide to your eyelash extensions 

There is a lot of confusion around eyelash extensions. People just don’t know what to expect. What is normal and what’s not? In order to help clear the air, I decided to put together a list of concerns that people often have before or after getting their lash extensions and follow it up with helpful information.

Is it normal?

My eyelash extension appointment took two hours.

A full set of classic lash extensions can take up to two hours.
This is absolutely normal. A true eyelash extension appointment will take at least one hour, if not closer to two hours. Good, quality work takes time. The average eye has approximately 90-120 eyelashes; each of those eyelashes needs to be individually isolated in order to ensure a proper bond and protect the health of your lashes. If someone is telling you that can give you lashes in 15 or 30 minutes, they are not offering you true eyelash extensions. A quick appointment like that is more likely to be clusters or express lashes which shouldn’t be kept on for more than a day or two.
I already lost lashes the day after my appointment.

This could be normal but it really depends on how many lashes you lost. When your lash technician tells you that you will have three or four weeks of retention, they are trying to give you realistic expectations. The truth is that we naturally shed 2-5 natural lashes per eye per day. That being said, it is completely normal to lose some lashes, even the day after your lash appointment. To take it a step further, if we assume you lost two lashes every day, in one week you would have lost 14 lashes on each eye. In two weeks you would lose, per eye, 28 lashes and 42 in three weeks. Although we could never literally count how many lash extensions are on each eye, as a rule of thumb, you would like to have roughly half your lash extensions when you go in for your refill.  Never completely bare.

I can feel my eyelash extensions.

Not normal. Properly applied eyelash extensions should not be felt at all. Each of your natural lashes must be completely isolated before a lash extension is adhered to it. The lashes should be neither too long nor too thick for your own lashes to handle. Some reasons you may feel your lashes include:

  1. Too much glue
  2. The lashes are too heavy
  3. Lashes are stuck together
  4. The lashes are touching your skin

Occasionally, a lash may begin to detach at the base and poke your lash line so you may feel it. This can be normal but is an exception to the norm.

Will my eyelash extensions cause my natural lashes to fall out?

With proper application and aftercare, your eyelash extensions will not cause damage to your natural lashes. If you want to ensure the health of your lashes, be weary of these things:

  • Multiple lashes glued to each natural lash. This does not apply to volume lashes.
  • Volume lashes are too thick. When attaching two or more lashes per natural lash, they need to be very thin and light in order to make sure they are not too heavy and cause damage.
  • You can feel chunks of glue
  • Your lashes are stuck together
  • Lashes are too long. This one is hard to determine but a rule of thumb is your extensions should NEVER be double (or more) your natural lash length.

If you notice any of these problems, talk to your technician. Even lash technicians are people and capable of making mistakes. Give them an opportunity to fix any issues before seeking someone else. If they can’t or won’t address your concerns, it may be time to break up with your tech.

My lash extensions extensions are not full/long enough.

Your set of classic lash extensions can be customized to the look you want to achieve by using different lash lengths and thicknesses.
Meeting client expectations is probably one of the most stressful aspects of performing lash extensions. A lot of time people come to us because they want to shorten their eye makeup routine or want to give up the damage caused by cluster and strip lashes. Unfortunately, sometimes people’s expectations are unrealistic. If your technician places importance on the health of your lashes, you may find that the lashes are not as long or full as you expected.

You only have so many natural eyelashes and a classic set only places one extension per one of your natural lashes that is strong enough to handle it. That means baby lashes do not get extensions. Additionally, your extensions cannot be too long. Lashes that are too long, and therefore heavier, can either fall off quickly or cause your natural lash to come out too soon. Too much of that nonsense can damage your lashes over time. My advice, listen to your tech… if you want to keep the lashes you have, don’t stress them out trying to achieve unrealistic results.


Why did all my lash extensions fall out before my refill?

There is a lot that goes into being a lash technician. We are not simply taking lashes and gluing them to yours, there is a science behind this art form.  There are many factors that a good technician will aim to control, such as the lash sizes, tools, humidity in the room, room temperature, type of glue, glue storage, type of tape and tape placement, etc. However, there are many unpredictable factors that your technician cannot control, such as the season and weather; the most unpredictable factor in our trade is you! The rate at which you shed

This bugger is hanging on!
When applied correctly, lash extensions should shed with the natural lash.
lashes is cannot be determined. Your technician also cannot control whether or not you follow our aftercare instructions. Your technician will have given you specific instructions on how to care for your lash extensions, including for how long to keep them dry, how often to cleanse them, how to cleanse them, products to use and avoid. Follow those instructions. They are not there to make your life harder, rather they are given to you to keep your eyes healthy and, of course, help make your lashes last.

My nail salon offers lash extensions for $15-30, why are yours so much more?

No true eyelash technician can afford to offer eyelash extensions for $15.  These “eyelash extensions” are clusters.
Truthfully, this is a topic of great frustration for me and many other people in my industry. I point to these businesses as the biggest reason people do not understand what goes into performing lash extensions and why there is such a price difference.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enhance the look of your eyes for a special occasion, these businesses may be the way to go. But they should not be worn long-term or repeatedly because that will sure result in lash damage. A true eyelash technician could never charge $15 for the the work that we do. It takes hours of training and hours upon hours of work and practice to get very good. The work is hard on our backs, eyes, and hands and arms as well as very time consuming. It takes a special person to tolerate the amount of time and frustration that it takes to learn our trade. For this reason, I can never charge $15-30 for my work.

The moral of the story…

The internet is a great reference and place to get information.  I hope this list was helpful to you!  However, if you are already working with a technician or have a technician in mind, reach out to them with your questions or concerns.

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