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6 Ways To Keep Your Lashes Healthy… With or Without Extensions

At Harmony Aesthetics, you will find passion! We are driven to helping our clients to feel their very best in the skin that they are in. But we are also passionate (obsessive?) about health too! Here are some tips for keeping your lashes healthy!

  1. Don’t use mascara! It is seriously unhealthy for your eyelashes. It is very drying and crazy hard to remove. As a result, it causes us to be rough with our lashes, causing breakage and potential long term damage. This is a hard one for people to accept and we get it so keep reading for more!
  2. If you are going to use mascara, do not use waterproof mascara. Of all the types of mascara you can use, waterproof is the most damaging. Waterproof mascara is even harder to remove than regular mascara and has the most potential to cause damage.
  3. Replace your mascara frequently. We are all guilty of not tossing our mascara when we should. Take a look at little open jar symbol on your mascara wand or box to see when the manufacturer recommends replacement. Air exposure and the practice of dipping your used wand back into the bottle tends to contaminate the mascara with bacteria. Regularly replacing your mascara may help prevent you from exposing yourself to an eye infection.
  4. If you have eyelash extensions, never wear mascara. For all the reasons listed above, mascara is never a good choice. Here’s a tip inside a tip…. don’t wear mascara and lie to your eyelash technician… they know, they always know. Because mascara is so hard to remove, there is always leftover residue left on the lashes by the time your next refill comes around.
  5. Wash your eyelash extensions daily. Lash extensions use a tiny amount of glue to adhere them to each of your natural lashes. This creates little pockets on space in your lashes where bacteria can hide out. Washing your lashes daily will remove the bacteria, keeping your eyelashes and eyes healthy. It also helps with retention!
  6. Don’t go overboard with your lash extensions. If you get your lashes at Harmony Aesthetics, this will not be an issue but not everyone reading this gets their eyelash extensions with us (and that is your free will!). It is super trendy to get extremely long eyelash extensions but they are also super damaging. The longer or thicker the lashes, they more damaging. To keep your lashes healthy, make sure they are moderately longer than your natural lashes but not overboard.

Ahhh, we could go on but I’m just not sure I’ve even kept your attention this long! If you have any additional questions about your eyelash health, send us a message!